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The Virginia Diamonds Baseball/Softball Organization

We are the premiere travel softball/baseball organization in the three county area of King George, Spotsylvania and Stafford.  The Virginia Diamonds Softball and Baseball teams are the travel teams of the Diamond Jim Hensel Baseball & Softball Academy.  The doors to the Academy opened in August 2018.  The first baseball and softball teams were formed in November 2018.  The Academy continues to grow and always looking for new teams.

RBI STRONG Softball/Community/Volunteer

We base our softball program off the concept of RBI Strong!!! Besides softball skills and knowledge, we firmly believe in teaching the following concept.  We discuss this aspect of our program at every practice and perform under RBI Strong at all events. 


                             for ones’ actions on and off the field


                              internal & external, always joyful


                           creative/active minds on and off the field

Train to Reign Baseball/Community/Volunteer

Our baseball program focuses on the concept of "Train To Reign". Whether on the field or in the classroom putting our best effort into knowledge and preparedness is the fundamental key to success in all aspects of life. Our Organization, Coaches, Staff and Parents stress "Train to Reign" to ensure every player fully understands and adheres to this guiding principle. We expect all to set the example and mentor players, coaches and parents to Train to Reign within a positive environment.

Stafford Diamonds - 15U Hensel